Wednesday, 3 September 2014

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sew a childs dress tutorial

One of the nicest things about Summer is the crisp cotton dresses for little girls. My grandaughters love the ‘twirly’ dresses which are made on a traditional design  I used this style for their mothers so often that I must admit I no longer use a pattern. As this style is so simple to create for a child its quicker to draw round them!
I am writing this post as a tutorial for those who want to have a go. Fans of the The Great British Sewing Bee #GBSB will have seen sewers creating without patterns.  The simplest way for children is to lay them on the floor and draw around their shoulders and sides on newspaper or brown paper. then add the centle curves of the neck and arms. If you get stuck, cut out the paper pattern and then hold onto the child front to get the neck edge in the right place. dont forget to fold the pattern in half down the cente front to make sure both sides are cut evenly!
For full photographs and a step by step tutorial go to to get the details.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Embroidered Clutch bag

I was asked to make a clutch bag to match an outfit for a wedding.  It had to be small so only a purse and lipstick could be held and to match the highlight colour of cerise to go agaist a cream dress.

So using a simple fold clutch style, I used the Urban Threads Blackthorn drape embroidery in cream and then added some little hot fix  pearls and gemstones as an accent.

With the bits of fabric left over, My daughter was after small project bags for her crafts  So I quickly made this one and now have requests for more!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Been a bit BAG busy lately...

I have been so busy in between sewing and my day job that I haven't had time to update the blog with all the lovely photos of the creations.
This was my very own dragon bag.  Based on a small messenger with a beautiful Chinese satin brocade lining, it also has an embroidered Dragon on the cover.  One of my favourites.  The next favourite of mine is using the unique Nevermore fabric.  I Love this one and made one for my friend Clare as well.

These were baby change bags based on a large tote style but are so squishy and soft that they are safe for baby wearing.

This was a commission to fit on the back of a mobility scooter with the granddaughters names as their flower icons.

Others are just basic shopping totes but customised for individuals. They make nice gifts.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Baby Wearing Change Bags

When you find out you are expecing a baby, all sorts of things are on your mind.  From decorating the nursery and choosing what sort of buggy transport will suit your family.  To deciding if you will breast feed and use washable cloth nappies.  
I used cloth nappies for my three children, not because they were as nice as they are now, but as my children are now having their own children, washable cloth nappies were the only affordable choice in back then.  When disposable nappies first came out, I remember being quite upset when I had bought an expensive pack to use for a special day out and baby dirtied the nappy straight away.  I was much happier with my washable cloth nappies.
Attachment parenting techniques are being promoted to create a stong bond between mum and baby,  Many mums choose to breast feed and use washable nappies.  Many mums also choose to wear their baby with a baby carrier or sling.  Baby wearing slings are used all over the world to keep a baby safely snuggled up to mum.  But if you are wearing your baby, have you thought to what sort of baby change bag you will need?
Many baby change bags on the market are designed to go over the buggy, be hauled about by dad or packed into the back of a car.  Some have features such as adjustable straps which are advertised for baby wearing.  But look again and really consider how those designs will work with you and your baby.  Many bags have metal D rings or strap attachments on the outside of the bag.  Some have strong webbing straps which can be rough on mums neck and baby's skin.
When you choose a Scapdragon artisan baby change bag or one of our Wrapbags specificlaly designed for baby wearing, you can be assured that the whole bag is made from soft squishy fabric soft for mums skin as well as babies.  All have been through rigourous design test from mums wearing babies and designs have been tweaked based on their feedback.  Therefore we do not use hard metal or rough items on the outside of the bag which could accidentally scratch or harm baby.  Here are a list of the common features of all Scrapdragon bags.
  • Soft styling means no hard edges around the bag but still strong enough with internal reinforcements to carry loads.
  • Soft squishy handles which can be worn next to baby with safety,  either wrapped around, over the shoulder and long enough to hang over the buggy handles.
  • Generous outside pockets to hold formula bottles, baby snacks but large enough for mums take away coffee as well.
  • Concealed zipped security pocket in the rear of the bag to keep items safe.
  • Large internal pockets to hold wipes, creams and enough washable nappies for the day. 
  • An internal pocket to keep smaller items secure.
  • A dedicated  mobile phone pocket on the inside but close at hand to find quickly.
  • Internal place holders to keep smaller items attached such as keys, babies dummy or favorite toy.
  • Our bags are large enough to be used for cloth nappies, several changes of clothes and even store a baby sling.
  • in addition to all of the above, the Scrapdragon bags are all unique with choice of fabrics and personalised designs.
Just because it is made at my home, it is not 'homemade'.  The majority of artisan crafters provide better quality designs and quality assembly techniques than large third world factories.  Keep it Unique, Keep it British and Keep it Local.
Scapdragon is proud to support Hartlepool Attachment Parenting group with their @Real Nappy Week #realnappyweek by providing a unique baby change bag prize.  

@TulaPink designs

Those that know us are well aware we love all things campervans and motor homes.  So I found this fantastic  design from @TulaPink and used it to create the appliqued design on the tote bag. as we are members of the MCC, I used that for the centre of the design.   I Love it!  I might have to create some more.  

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Baby Bunting on its way

It would seem Babies are just like Buses  We wait for ages as we nurture and watch our own children grow up.  To see them happily married with someone they love and we actually approve of and then we wait and wait.  To be a grandparent is one of the greatest gifts.  the chance to hug and love and spoil a child of your child all over again.
Our first grandchild  by our eldest daughter was sent to us in February 2009 and we all love her dearly.  Now we are eagerly awaiting the birth of our youngest daughters first child.  We don't know what 'flavour' it will be but will love it all the same.  A then a few weeks after that, our eldest daughter is due her second child.  So finally, ;like buses you can wait for ages and then a couple come along together.

I have created a little baby bunting for the nursery.  It cannot have a pink or blue but must remain neutral as we do not know if the babies are girls or boys.  This is to hang up on the nursery wall to match the cot quilt I am making.  The complete pattern with revered alphabet on how to make this lovely baby bunting is available from HERE

Monday, 21 March 2011

Patriotic Patchwork

My quick patchwork cushion made up using scraps of material.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Dutiful paper crafts

As you can probably guess, I have not done much paper crafting lately.
My attention has been turned back to my older craft loves, sewing and Knitting. I will update on some of my newer creations soon. That's just because I have reset my remote access to the blog! - love technology - its a pity I am not that good at it!
Anyway, this is a birthday card for my Dad. I really struggled with my creativity for this one. Eventually I just built this from a few basic elements.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Rallying together

Having just returned from a weekend rally followed by a weeks family holiday on the beautiful Northumberland coast.  I have been inspired to scrap some of the photos.
This is my lovely Granddaughter who loved to run around in the rain and splash in the puddles whether she had on her new red wellies or not!

This one was our taken on our first Motor Caravanners Club rally which was held at Darlington Railway Museaum.  This one was hosted by the Yorkshire group and we had a great time.  So much that we have joined in weekend rallies with our motor home since then and made some wonderful new friends.

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